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The printing on the book cover represents “Rúnar Fjǫlkunnigra” in Old Norse. Where “Rúnar” means “Runes” and “Fjǫlkunnigr” means “Knowledgeable” (in magic)

The Map, X marks the location of the “Trul” or Trolls.

When Elsa took off, she ran to the left edge of the map from the castle as the film shows the fjord freezing in a counter-clockwise direction around the castle and into the protected harbor.

I would assume that Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna is located somewhere in the light green area protected by the walls … but that is not guaranteed.

From what little I can make out of the map’s compass rose, I believe that Arandelle is located in the map’s southern corner … so North would be top-right.

Runes in Frozen!

How do you deal with the stress of being in the spotlight? I can get pretty anxious when I'm trying to keep all my social media accounts in check, and I'm not even relevant. Does It get overwhelming

My spotlight is pretty damn small, so I don’t find it much of an issue. It’s a pretty good level of celebrity to be at, really. I go about my life pretty much as a normal person. Occasionally I’ll get stopped in the street for a picture or receive some kind words about the show… Conventions can get pretty crazy, but that’s cool cos it means we can do big, populated live shows like Good Game Live.

Of course I’m relatively cautious of what I put online, but I’ve found myself naturally doing that as I get older and more ‘sensible’ anyway, heh. But I’m never anxious about what I post or feel like I have to keep followers ‘happy’, or anything. At the end of the day, I make a TV show. That’s what I put out there each week and that’s where people can see me. Anything in addition to that is just my life. Sometimes it’s interesting. Sometimes it isn’t. But I’m certainly not over-thinking it or trying to cater it to anyone in particular.

That would take all the fun out of it!

I'm not sure if you were around behind the scenes or not during the early days of GG but, do you happen to know how the show was first created?
Asked by thekenno

The show’s creator, Janet Carr - is a big gamer herself. She is originally from the UK and was working with the BBC, before moving to Australia and joining the ABC. Janet has a strong background in News and Current affairs, and has always loved making television - but when she would go home at the end of the day… she’d be gaming online each night!

At one point she was approached by the ABC who said something along the lines of “we’re looking to make some new content, we have a spot to fill - but not much money… do you have any ideas for a new show?”

And she said “Well, yes… as a matter of fact I do.” There were no other shows that targeted video games at the time, and being a huge gamer herself she saw that as a pretty big gap in the market. I believe the very first episode of Good Game was made on something like $1000, haha! Crazy.

What’s wonderful about Janet is that being a gamer herself, she has always been so clear that she wanted the show to have a proper gaming community focus. A show that spoke a language that gamers would understand, didn’t dumb things down - yet was still entertaining enough that non-gamers could potentially be interested in it too… (and hopefully even allow them to develop an interest in our world).

But also, the fact that she had a background in News and Current Affairs, it means that she’s always been really great about keeping the integrity of our content to a really great standard. It’s been absolutely one of the most profoundly valuable aspects of my career as a presenter and a reviewer, working for her (and, in fact, the ABC in general)… because it showed me that within a presenting role I could actually write and speak for myself. I could present my own opinions and have a strong clear voice of my own - and that I should never have to compromise that for anyone.

I would not necessarily be able to say the same thing if I were working on a commercial network with a different producer. I’d probably just be shoved in front of an auto-cue and told to go get a spray-tan.

Hey Hex. Where was that castle you went and stayed at last week? I would love to go there or somewhere like that. As far as I understand, it was a surprise/gift to you, but would you happen to know the price to stay there? Or perhaps the website?
Asked by katvalonqar

It was called ‘The Castle’ - and it’s in Robertson, near Bowral-ish.


Lovely guy and his partner that own it built it themselves on weekends, brick-by-brick. Took them five years! It’s so cool though. Stained-glass windows, gargoyles… there’s even a dragon wrapped around the chimney!

Do you ever make new friends in games or do you prefer to stick with your current friends? I think you'd be awesome to play eso with. :3
Asked by clay-dol

My friends and I have our own Vent server so we tend to all chat and play together. And because we use that server for work as well, we tend to only have people we know IRL in there. It does get very rowdy sometimes!

I’ll occasionally pick up new friends in MMOs so I can quest with people at a similar level, but usually people are pretty keen on doing their own thing there, even if I dance in front of them and spam them with emotes :(

How do you get the braid things in your hair, like the hair style you have in the latest episode of Good Game. Do you do it yourself? I wanna try it so bad but it just isn't working out for me. Plus where do you buy your crystal rings from? Ps. your awesome! :D

I have a lovely hair and make-up person who does them for me at work. I can’t do them myself either! I’ve watched countless YouTube videos but I think it will take a LOT of practice and I’ll likely give up in frustration before that.

As for the rings, I get them mostly from markets and new-agey shops like Tree of Life, etc.

yo hex, you ever considered making a youtube channel to post gameplay of you and the rest of the gang?
Asked by jroy101

I’ve thought about it, but honestly it’s just finding the time. Between Good Game and Spawn Point and all of the games I have to play and review - I don’t have the time to edit and upload additional content for YouTube.

If things quietened down in the future (not likely if both shows keep running) I would definitely consider it! :) I love YouTube and subscribe to a lot of people who do some great stuff, if I may make some recommendations:

Check out communitychannel for smart, funny observational comedy with really great production values.

Try Charalanahzard for gaming-related vlogs and info about making your own way in the game reviewing biz.

Both those ladies are Australian, too - so, win.

And of course we put all of our own content up on the Good Game channel. It’s full episodes and reviews, mostly - but occasionally we throw other stuff up there too, like the Elder Scrolls Wedding, recently.

Hope that helps you out. :)


Mara’s in the underground

Oh Fincher.

Mildly alarming sense of apathy over the past few weeks.

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